Monday, May 25, 2009

Bit of Confusion

I have not blogged for a long time. Not exactly sorry for that. I had started to write & then could not put an ending to it.
But this time i decided to join the "election bandwagon"
Don't worry i wont be posting my views on the recently concluded elections.
Last weekend i was with a friend of mine. (yes i know i always am with a friend). He claimed the the new Railway Minister had made a statement.
She(RM/Didi) was pointed by some female that in WestBengal especially Kolkata females dont feel secure any more. The female wanted to know what Didi had in mind to solve this issue(!!!???). As per my friend Didi had responded that she would try to bring back the "Para-Culture" back.
What is Para-Culture & how does it bring security? A few years ago from morning till late in the night you would find guys sitting at different points chatting or playing. These were guys who would be w/o work & didn't bother much as spending time was their only ambition. With the markets opening up & cost of living going up & also because suddenly people became conscious of the fact that there are opportunities if you are ready to put in a effort. Sadly there was not sufficient oppertunities & hence there was a huge (actually mind-boggling) of males initially & later youth from WB. Hence the empty streets(?) & the insecurity.

My confusion: were these "bekar" guys the reason for insecurity in some cases? It has taken The ruling govt in WB 30+ yrs to push out all the industries (with help from the opposition in the last few years) How soon would this be overturned? Given the high intensity work that people are forced to take up how much would it be possible to stand guard every evening?