Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Art of Shopping

I recently came across the following statement

A man gives $2 for a $1 object that he needs
A woman bargains (& gets) $1 for a $2 object which she doesn’t need

Obviously the statement originated from a woman-bashing male.
This post is not on the compulsive shopping behaviour that women show in general. No I don't have any tips on how to shop online or otherwise.

Over time I have noticed some things about shopping & I wanted to pen them down

Guys typically shop in acute necessity. Else they are perfectly happy wearing a comfortable shirt which has not been washed for some-time & long forgotten when & where it was born.
A girl will be able to tell you which are the other dresses she had picked up, tried & finally selected none from the lot.
A guy is happiest when he is comparing 2 gadgets which he has already researched long over net. He has already made up his mind that he is buying the gadget that day.
A girl would check out the object over net. Observe it physically & be perfectly happy in front of the mirror checking it out for an hour before finalizing that the object concerned is not actually a requirement
A guy listens to the price once. If it is not completely outrageous then he would pull out his wallet to pay for it.
A girl would bargain peacefully for 15mins even when she knows the price that has been quoted is the minimum.
A guy given the choice would keep wearing the black, white, grey or blue that he has been wearing for a long time unless he is made to buy (obviously by some well-wishing female in his life) or wear some other colour.
A girl would have atleast all the colours of the rainbow in her wardrobe & some.
A guy would never notice the tears in his clothes until someone points them out & blissfully forget them as soon as he takes it off.
A girl will not have a crease out of place in her attire.
A guy might have dust coated over his gadgets (eg speakers) when he has newer stuff to cloud his mind
A girl will carefully preserve the wrapping paper the object was brought in
A guy would finish his shopping in flat 15mins if he has anything to buy
A girl would take 15days to figure out what she wants to buy
A guy would not be spotted in a mall until he is dragged there to shop (by some well meaning female) or in guys group to watch the babes
A girl would be in a mall because she just wants to be there
A guy would buy a pair of jeans if it fits him & he likes the colour (possible he already has one identical)
A girl would figure out the current fashion & what she already has & what she can pair it with & where she can wear it &…
Accessories for a guy are something which he requires. Mobile, wallet, belt, wrist-watch & he is good to go.
Accessories for a girl…

Ok! I have been generalizing... a bit too much perhaps.
But I think most would agree that shopping for a guy is something that he does out of acute necessity & not by choice while a girl would be perfectly happy spending hours browsing through malls on consecutive days
This post is dedicated to all the females who have successfully bettered the wardrobes, environment & lives of guys along with theirs.
Those who complain that girls spend unnecessarily spend money please note they save money on other unnecessary expenses to sponsor their shopping sprees.
Also thank you ladies for keeping the flow of money in the system ensuring that the markets reach new highs & volumes.