Friday, July 17, 2009


The dictionary meaning of the word Extreme when used as an adjective is "utmost or exceedingly great in degree". As a noun it perhaps signifies "one of two things as remote or different from each other as possible". As a statistician (i like to say i am a still a statistician even though i never use statistics in any sphere of life) i perhaps like the adjective use, as in "farthest from the center or middle; outermost; endmost" (depicts pictures of scatter plot with something called "outliers")

[a standing question (if i take the right meaning of liers) then "out-liers" are what?]

But this post is not about the word extreme. I have typically set the reader in a completely boring off-track.

Point is, those who have a hint of the life that i lead, often comments that i live my life on the "extremes".

Yes i do.

"1 trip a month at any cost" is what I have maintained for every month of this year. In-fact i started it at the fag end of last year.
If you are impatient enough to try & make sense of this post, the morale is that there is a cost to everything.
And this living life on the extremes puts extreme pressure on my bank account. (it sadly stays nearly empty by the 10th of any month)
It also puts extreme bloat in my pending credit-card bills. (why am i not perturbed)

Take for example....
1. This weekend i am going to Delhi
2. Next weekend a friend of mine is coming down from Mumbai
3. The weekend after that i expect 3 friends of mine to come down from B'angy
4. The weekend after that i am supposed 2 throw a housewarming party
5. The weekend after that i am supposed 2 land up in B'angy
6. The weekend after that i i have no idea of what i am doing (perhaps entertaining my next-door-neighbour [can't stop myself from doing the Indian English bit])
7. The weekend after that land up in Goa
8. The next 2 weekends are yet to be planned
9. And then the Puja weekend starts

[I must say it is EXTREME]

Please note i have stuck to my 1-trip-a-month schedule [even though it is going to EXTREMELY inflate my credit-card pending...] & contributed to the revival of the Indian Economy & the Global Economy.

Why this post?

I wanted to share... Perhaps make you jealous... Or perhaps to just let someone know... or want to say i need financial counseling...

Am i really lonely in Hyderabad or am i lonely