Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advetising Promotion...

I recently was talking with a friend of mine on the difference between marketing, branding, promotion, & few other related jargon's.
I have been then dedicated the work of popularizing this blogspot
If you can read bengali (written in un-edited english text) & looking for a cute story then go ahead.
I would advice you to start reading from the 1st post & come down to the latest one.
Please don't ask me why i am doing this. I felt that this story needs to be brought forward to the greater public.
Happy reading

PS: I would like to remind readers that though most authors take inspiration from life, all stories come with the disclaimer that any resemblance to anyone is purely coincidental

The Digestive Me

This post is for a person.

Before introducing you to that person I have to share a part of me to you.
The genesis of this post was from a recent blog post of a friend of mine. He is proud to be a “Bong”.
I preferred to be called a “Bangali” (pronounced in the right way) vehemently objecting to when referred by “Bong”. It is a separate matter I show almost all traits of a “Bong”. At worst I would still accept that I am a badly morphed bangali than be a “Bong”.
Most Bangalis’ show the trait of being lazy. Typically we are happy being the servant class (even historically perhaps).
My laziness is shown in “extreme” when it comes to cooking.
I am a typical bangali bachelor living in an alien city
I love to eat. Infact I might go ahead to claim people eat to live & I live to eat
But I am too lazy to cook
And I have found a perfect way escape to other peoples place as self declared guests.
Surprisingly thanks to another Bangali trait of adda & bhodrota & people in general are good in heart. I am lucky enough to have so many good cooks in my life.
Not that I never cook. I did cook a sumptuous meal for myself a couple of … errr… lets skip that part.
Anyways taking cue let me introduce to you the person for whom this blog is dedicated.
Itz none other than my Digestive System
Off-late I realized that Digestive is a person on his (not being feminist. Do please remind me to get back to this point sometime later) own. & he has very conveniently after years of abuse decided to revolt.
There are good days & bad days. On days when I have to take in that substance called food at cafeteria Digestive might just feel like not working. Some friends of mine suggested it is true for all bachelors in this place I stay. Some further generalized it to all bachelors; some even went further to say all people staying alone.
Then again it works over time to take abuse for a extended period & very softly gives multiple warnings
I have rambled enough…