Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scene kya hain - Equus ferus power

A group of friends land up in a tourist spot in the western ghats
They have come to the base of the tourist spot in a car & would now take horses to the peak.

Act 1 (2mins): 2 guys first get on the 1st pair of horses & 1 handler with them leave ahead of the others. Another trio gets on & leave with an handler. The last handler ensures the last 2 guys of the party gets on the horses properly.
By this time the 1st set of people are way ahead. In the 2nd set one person has been riding for some time & moves ahead while the handler is right behind with the 2 horses.
The last 2 have watched a lot of National Geographic, Discovery & Animal Planet to discuss between them how best to ride a horse.

Act 2 (2secs)

Suddenly there is a commotion

Camera 1 (The camera is set in the front & pans back towards the last 5 riders):
One of the last 2 riders (Advanced) is hugging the neck of the horse & racing
< wow this guy really knows to ride >.
Suddenly in the canvas the other of the of the last riders streak in with the rider (Retarded). It seems that he is also an excellent rider
< this guy is not stable on land but put him in another situation & he becomes bond >
< these people are so good riders that they are racing each other amazing>

The horses are apparently racing each other & as they pass a clump of trees Retarded is found missing from the horse & on the ground.
The horses are about to jump over a trench when they stop & Advanced drops from his horse like a free falling "orange" from an tree.
Retarded is still on the ground & as the camera pans back the the handler is seen shocked & rooted at the extreme end

Camera 2 (Advanced):
As the discussion on horse riding was full-on, the horse on its own turns from extreme right of the road, to take a left alley. The reins were loose & as the horse picks up speed the reins slip completely out of his hands.
< all concepts of horse riding vaporize instantly & survival is the only agenda >
Advanced holds on the saddle for dear life. He realizes that at that speed it is an extremely bad proposition & hugs the neck of the horse.

Suddenly Advanced notices a horse alongside him racing with-out its rider.
< shocked out of his senses >
He observes an deep trench in front & prays for his life. As he hugs the horse tighter it suddenly stops & turns. As the horse turns Advanced raises his head & sees Retarded on the ground. He immideately decides that the ground is the safest place & tries to get off the horse.
His left feet gets stuck in the stirrups & he falls on his back with his leg still stuck to the stirrups.
< lucky to be alive >

Camera 3 (Retarded):
While the discussion was on how to best adjust to the rhythm of the horse, Advanced horse starts crossing over from right & cuts across. Retarded's horse also tries to take the left & Retarded pulls the reins with his right hand to get it back on the road.
The horse flings his head & the rein slips from Retarded's right hand. Now the horse starts to chase the other horse & Retarded is riding it with the rein in just 1 hand.
As the horse picks up top speed, a tree with a slanting branch looms up on the right. To avoid the tree Retarded leans back on the left. As he is congratulating himself he realizes there is another tree right in front of him at a much steeper angle & itz approaching fast.
Retarded already dis-balanced, leans even more to realized his back-pack is too heavy & is now way out of the ideal line for central of gravity. A last ditch attempt to pull himself up with his left arm on the rein is fruitless & he falls down.
Retarded watches his horse race away from him & catch up Advanced horse & then they stop & Advanced with his orange back-pack also lands on the ground. Retarded heart comes to a stop when he sees his horse come back & passes prancing & extremely close to Advanced who is on his back buzy to free his feet stuck to the stirrup.

It is unfortunate that the camera's were not in place when this incident took place live.
It is even more unfortunate the relief on the face of Advanced is not captured when he realizes he escaped unhurt & is alive.
The biggest miss was the incredulous expression of the horse handler who was initially frightened to have caused mayhem in the life of his 2 customers when one responds (to the question that if they wanted to ride any more) "fir se girenge!!!! use zyada aaur kya hoga..... usi ghore pe charna hain"

A close brush with extreme danger for 2
A regular feature for a few
A blur of activities for some, to realize something massive has happened only after it was over
A comic incident for some

Just a question
What do call a person who laughs when he comes to know that his friend is down