Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lost It!!!!!

Today morning I had a conversation

With whom? Well with myself? Heck what am I trying to do... read on...

Hey do u know you are talking with yourself & not me
(a surprised voice joins in) who me!???!?!?!
(1st voice) yeah
(2nd voice) wait what am I doing now
(1st voice nonchalantly) you are talking with u r self
(2nd voice) right...
(a brief pause & 2nd voice) people who talk to themselves are supposed to be mad
(1st voice) are you mad?
(2nd voice) u have lost it
(1st voice inquisitively) u or me?
(2nd voice completely frustrated) why the hell am I continuing the conversation
(1st voice) don’t u know?
(2nd voice) what
(1st voice) I am here first hence I am the leader
(2nd voice) so what’s got to do with this conversation
(1st voice) I want to talk
(2nd voice) why
(1st voice) because I need to tell u
(2nd voice) what
(1st voice) u...
(2nd voice) am not lonely
(1st voice) naah
(2nd voice) then
(1st voice) u have lost it
(there is sudden background music.... like a fusion between Latin Beats with African Rhythm & Indian Music)
(a bright light is suddenly found approaching)
(a deep heavy voice in tune with the music sings) u have lost it.....
(1st voice) oh no
(Frightened & confused 2nd voice) now what
(1st voice with a deep sigh) here comes the singer...
(an excited 3rd voice) Hi Guys
(1st voice) finally u stopped singing
(3rd voice) well I realized u don’t listen to the song
(1st voice) ooh. sorry
(interested 2nd voice) what happened
(3rd voice) I sang him my id & he never realized what I said
(1st voice) I can’t listen to lyrics
(2nd voice) then what did u do
(3rd voice) yes I also need to know
(1st voice) I was enjoying the music... it was lovely
(the background music stops & a chirpy voice joins in) thanks for the compliment
(2nd voice) who are u
(4th voice) I am u
(2nd voice) what the !*&!@^$!$!@^$% are u saying
(a tired 1st voice) I am also u
(2nd voice) I am me
(a calm 3rd voice) I am also u
(a happy 4th voice) I am also u
(a flash of lightning & a excited voice) I am also u
(completely shocked 2nd voice) who are u
(extremely tired 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th in chorus) u
(2nd voice with a sly smile) & I am me.... u stay 2gether....
(2nd voice) 1st tell me what do u want
(1st voice) I here to tell u
(2nd voice) what
(1st voice) u
(3rd voice) have
(2nd voice) what
(3rd voice) ha ha
(4th voice) he he
(5th voice) ho ho
(2nd voice) what
(all together) u have lost it
(what the hell is going on... I am talking with not only myself but with 5 other people)
(wait a second what did I just do) (what am I doing now)
oh no I have ..........