Friday, March 26, 2010


This story is for you Rapunzel....

Once upon a time in a world very much like us there used to be a beautiful Princess called Rapunzel.
She was not very tall but packed a punch of energy inside her. She was pretty, cute & had a smile which could light up the whole world. My! she used her smile abundantly & won over hearts everywhere. She was caring. & being a kid who never wants to grow up she goes around chasing butterflies on the fields, with her long tress flowing after her.

Rapunzel was in school & all the kids in school were crazy about her. She was not only the star student but also active participant in all non-academic activities. Her friends adored her & were they plenty. Still she managed to keep friendship with whoever wanted to be friends to her.
She had a particular friend on whom she relied a lot. This friend was the son of the blacksmith who lived just outside the palace. Rapunzel & this friend Guddu were partners in crime. Rapunzel would escape from the tower late in the evening & they would play in the gardens.

Slowly as Rapunzel got a bit older she wanted to check out the wider world. She would drag Guddu further & further away from the palace. Guddu although wanted to be part of Rapunzel's escapes slowly had to refrain. He had to support his aging father in his work. Rapunzel would visit the market & even go to the dark alleys.
1 day she met a rider named Bozec. She was instantly swiped off her feet. Bozec had a white horse & a matching armour. He was soft spoken & extremely caring. Bozec too fell in love with Rapunzel even though he didn't know that Rapunzel was the Kings daughter. Rapunzel took care that Bozec never learn about her true identity.
Their love-story flowed. They would go for long rides in the country-side.
One day the King got to know of this. He was angry that her daughter had broken his faith. He locked up Rapunzel in the tower.

Guddu was extremely sorry. Everyday morning he would gather fresh flowers & toss them up the tower to a window which he knew was Rapunzel's. In the evenings when Rapunzel would sit longingly at the window Guddu would sit on the roof. If there was sufficient light & Rapunzel spotted him she would wave with a sorry smile. For Guddu these were the perfect days.

1 night he felt a strange urge & took a grappling hook & mustered enough courage to climb up the tower. Rapunzel was shocked at first but then was extremely happy to see her old friend. They talked all night & when it was nearing dawn Guddu got up to return. Rapunzel asks Guddu a favour. She wanted Guddu to find Bozec & bring him to her. She was sure that he could be found early in the morning. Guddu didn't know how to respond. He was put in a bigger fix when he heard that Bozec as per Rapunzel drops her flowers. He smiles & says he would do everything he can.
Guddu searches desperately for Bozec. But Bozec is no where to be found. The only news he got from the tavern is that Bozec was last seen with suspected robbers & heading towards the forest. Guddu was not sure how his Rapunzel would react. But as promised he climbed the tower again. Rapunzel was totally shocked. She sobbed all night fearing the worst for Bozec. Near dawn when she had stopped & Guddu was about to leave she decided she is going to go into the jungle to find him. Guddu tried to dissuade her but she was adamant. Finally Guddu agreed to help her as he has never been say a no to his Rapunzel.

2 nights later Guddu watched Rapunzel head towards the jungle at the dead of the night. Guddu had to swear on Rapunzel's life that he would not follow her into the jungle & neither would he ever let anyone know what he had done.
The King was furious. But more than his fury he was saddened. He blamed himself for being so hard on his daughter. He sent his best men but they returned without even a trace of her. Guddu was crestfallen & deeply regretful. He waited for some months just outside the forest for any news. All the news he got was of the robbers. These robbers were ruthless & fewer & fewer people used the jungle route. One misty morning Guddu just decided that he cant take it any more. He just rode into the forest with full determination of finding out what happened with his Rapunzel.
He got caught by the robbers & since he didn't have any money on him he was sent to the captivity chamber. There he found that Rapunzel was locked as well. Bozec didn't turn out to be the person who he supposed to be.

Here i would take a leave.
I want to leave my readers to decide what ending they wants... imagine & post some...
I would like to know what sort of endings do my readers like

1. Guddu saves Rapunzel from Bozec & returns to the kingdom...

2. Or let the story end here itself

3The King himself direct the army into the jungle catch the robbers
3a tragic ending: the robbers kill Rapunzel
3b dramatic ending: Guddu acts as the saviour for Rapunzel & dies in the ...
3c possible ending: Rapunzel survives & so does Guddu. The king arranges for a swayamvara & Guddu patiently awaits outside the hall to know the prince charming to whom Rapunzel...

4 A twisted turn would be Bozec was a spy for the king. He finally saves Rapunzel as well as Guddu & the live happily ever after....

what ending would u like....

The Married Man

I have come to an age where every person i meet asks me "when are you getting married".

Marriage are made fun of by most bachelors. I would like to add a fair number of spinsters i came across were there cracking jokes as well...
But now i am at a stage where people all around me feel i should get married.

Reasons for why i should get married are pretty interesting.

One reason is i would get a companion.
Another strange one from a senior colleague : "bache jab bigar jaate hain tab unki shaadi kara dea jaate hain" ..... errr... emmm... aaaa....eeee...ooookkkk okkk okk ok. main bigra-what-ever
An caring one; "dinner pakaya hua mile ga"
1 factual: after a couple of years or more you would require some1 within your hands reach, whom you can wake up & say call the ambulance

The place i work has a mix of married & unmarried people. The group i go for lunch with are mostly married or are about to get married.
A remark from there: movie jane ki partner mill jayega..
Another one: Restaurant er naam guloi bole jabi... khete ja kauke nea ebaar... onek to holo

There are some who give ambiguous answers. Interesting change aayege. What change???!!!?!?

Some has pacified me. I am supposed to wake up 1 fine morning & say i am getting married.

Some has point-blank told me that i have grown old enough.

Some has warned me saying if you are not financially confident that you can take care of another person then don't

There are some who warn me: bahut badal na parega

I have been unfortunate enough to be at an age where your mother firmly believes that you should get married. All your aunts support her vehemently & uncles slightly grudgingly.
I also realized this is also the time when a significant number of your friends are married. Some are living with a female partner. Did you guys read the news where Supreme Court quashed the 20 some case against Khusboo the South Indian actress. I am sorry to call all of Andhra, Tamil, Karnataka & Kerala as South Indian. I had to become immune to being called Northies.

Coming back to the topic. these friends of mine has allowed me a very close glimpse of the married life.

The first remarkable thing i noticed was that all females are extremely finicky about cleanliness. The males not used to these high standards face remarkable discomfort at the best. Typically a bachelor would wear his jeans for a month (give or take 30 days). As soon as he gets hit by a female entity he suddenly gets cleaner. His pad gets a total makeover. His expenses also get a change of direction.
I must add that the maximum that a guy can be clean i can show u atleast 100 females who can consider it the bare minimum.
There is a strange complication in this. A married colleague of mine has a set of n number of favourite bed shirts. 1 fine day he realized a few of them were in the washing machine. He had to take out one more from the cupboard & had gone down to get a pack of milk on a lazy holiday morning. When he came back he was forced to go for a bath & came out to realize that this t-shirt has also been put for washing. In the night he realized the last shirt was also in the dump for further washing. Amusing is it? Rings a bell? Well for him it was painful for him to convince his wife for another 15 mins of why he cant wear the slightly wet t-shirt. I have no clue how i would react.

Interestingly, as soon as these male friends escape from the over-see of their other half, they indulge in their old bachelor days. Same routine. Cleanliness blowing in the wind. The reason is more to be hyper than be so dirty.

an saddening remark: because that is what u r supposed to do

If you are coming at terms to the cleanliness portion then let me remind you that they add a new dimension. Neatness. How does it matter if the cloths are hanging on the cloths line for more than a day. Why must the wet towel immediately put out to dry. Why cant a shirt be left to lie on the bed for some time? Strange questions!!!??

Then again a philosophical take: a person who finds answers to those would get bliss
(WAhhhaaa.... as though every day 1 lucky guy gets nirvana.)

and then there is a dark side

You might have to answer for a straight few days if she is looking fat or not. Then all of a sudden face her wrath coz she cant fit into her some xyz dress.

You find her angry at you for a reason which you cant fathom & bear out all the after-effects of a storm. 1 bachelor friend of mine had got so frightened that he had locked himself in a room till the firing was over.

You will realize that you are the chauffeur cum porter com financier com escort cum security cum.....
Your dressing your activity schedule your free "me" time are changed. Is all change good or Change is just the only thing constant

there are other strange mood swings that the females would have. It takes a lot of caring, understanding, handling, cocooning, controlling, frustrations...... Then you realize you have to match up with strange comparisons with all the important males in their life.

And then there are the in-laws. There are so strange problems that people have with their in-laws. Even relatives create ruckus.

and there is the matter of fact types: Thats what everyone ends up doing

Dont get hyper. It may seem that i am extremely anti-females. That is far from the truth. It just some differences which makes me pluck out whatever few strands of hair left on my head.
Take for example beautification. A room if is of a bachelor then it will have plain walls or wild posters. Table lamp is perhaps the only lamp. But a female would make the room WOW just by adding
A guy would fail while a girl will convert a house to a home.

The irritating types: Dimag kyun kha ta hain. Karle le re baba karle

The poking one: Have anything better to do

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just keep producing CARROTS

Today I am telling the truth.

I am lazy... ok I know everyone knows that.
I am unpunctual... after the first couple of meets everyone would agree to that
I am fun loving, gregarious, extrovert, bla bla bla... apparent evident whichever you choose
I am cranky... self evident
I am greedy.... errr on matters of food
I am a dreamer... most believe so
I am idealistic... some would know
I am a good listener... some would agree
I am a hypocrite........ few would agree
I have a huge ego thanks to some misplaced superiority complex even though I have nothing worth as much as I would like to believe.
If you have time then read this link where you would get a good idea of getting along me
I am as much a liar as any other person & the worst is I lie to myself. 1 more chocolate won’t do much more harm than whatz already done....

But this post is not about me...

What is it about? Well nothing actually. I have not posted anything for sometime. Those which I have written half & left.....
& today I was reading stale news of India's reaction to statement to US Ambassador & felt a terrible urge to just lock Pakistan, Afghanistan in a box & just let them march back to mid 14th century. Enough is enough.... if you can’t keep yourself clean then you should be sealed.
But then it is not necessary that everyone succeeds
Is it?
There is a saying in Bangla. Uttom chole Odhom er sathe, Sei Modhom je chole Tofaate (The Great will walk with the Lowest Lows, Itz the Middle (class) who will strive to be different)

I am a typical guy... the typical Middle, with typical middle-class thoughts, ambitions, desires etc. But unlike many I am gem of a procrastinator.

India my nation is also developing i.e. Middle. India is defined by a bulging middle class. I have picked up the attributes as a loyal resident. I have also picked up the values & etc. And I am also seriously lacking in ethics. I have also not learnt discipline.

Btw I lack grit & vision. Also I was not kidding when I was talking about lying. If I can lie to myself I can….

Before I conclude I would like you to also ponder on the following enlightenment I got...

Any PAT ON THE BACK for Pakistan is a STICK ON THE BACK for India. All US has to do....

PS: I am bit surprised that i had explain how pets are trained. Perhaps my animal side endears me to fellow animals.
Imagine a ground, a horse & a trainer. The horse would perform a trick well he would be fed a carrot. If he did not, then got a pat with the dressage.
Now imagine 2 horses... 1 trainer... & 1 whip... naaah no need to do that... all he has to do is......