Friday, May 7, 2010

The Conversation

The following conversation has not taken place. Except perhaps in my imagination
If some people feel familiar please excuse

I have a very close set of friends
We for the last some years, have been keeping a very close tab of each others.
A few of these have tied the knot & few are to going to do the social needful in the near future.

Some time in the very close future a great & final get-together of all the blokes was supposed to be organized.

LIIT: We have finally been able to gather around all together for 1 more time
Tequila: Ofcourse when we want we do it...
Beer: What have we gather for...
Goose: We have lots of grievances against each other
Kalua: Letz enjoy the party 1st. Let me put on some music
Tequila: Letz enjoy the party first. where is the nesha...
Chele1: I am having this
BloodyMary: Kalua i want Comfortably Numb
Jhonny: I want large
VirginMary: Pink Flyod is GOD
AppleTwist: Hello Hello ... Yes.....ofcours
Martini: WTF ppl r buzy on ph. Kalua push it harder

A strange background music starts... & lights are dimmed... strange shapes are formed around... which continues for some time when a flame lights up...

slowly lights are brightened & music softened... people wanna talk...

Tequila: Lovely music
AppleTwist: Ok bye... You too... what were we talking about
Goose: Changes you have gone through post marriage
AppleTwist: Lovely changes... not drastic for me you know...
LIIT: Really like what
Martini: Letz not go into that now
VirginMary: Where is Pink Flyod
Kalua: Listen to this... this is nice as well
Tequila: What are we talking on
Goose: Grievances as per agenda
Beer: What grievances
LIIT: Letz start with you
BloodyMary: Ok
LIIT: Bloody Or Virgin who ever... what grievances do you have... against anyone
VirginMary: People shoot of their mouth...
Tequila: And we have to defend for them against close friends... actually others close friend
Beer: Do we need to put up pretenses
LIIT: Don't we
Kalua: That is a separate matter
Jhonny: Yes grievances we have
LIIT: I have grievances against life
Martini: I am tired of hearing that. What is your problem
Tequila: You are not supposed to have any grievance against me
Kalua: Do we not
Beer: Do we not what
Goose: Grievances against each other
Beer: What is the grievance against me
LIIT: we have been hearing rumours that you are getting married
Tequila: Some have even gone ahead & made reconnaissance trips
BloodyMary: I will get the hats
Jhonny: I am game
LIIT: But you are yet to make the phone calls
Tequila: Tickets are ***** expensive
Kalua: Why did you not let us know that you are doing a block booking
Martini: That should not be an issue
Goose: Is it not... not everyone can afford what others can
AppleTwist: Not everyone needs to face blackmail
LIIT: Everyone is making personal reasons to support the grievances
VirginMary: Not everyone
Jhonny: I am out
Tequila: The point is everyone is high
Martini: Why bother
Kalua: At the bottom of the heart he is a Good Person
LIIT: So what do we do
BloodyMary: When are we meeting next

If some feel the characters are too familiar please forgive...


Som's Studio said...

Now thats what I call a P.a.r.t.a.y!!

bristi-lifeisajourney said...
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bristi-lifeisajourney said...

:) g8 job!! flying colours of a mixed flks!!

Souro said...

!!!!!!! ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!....
A true Joydev meet !!!......