Thursday, December 9, 2010

Insane Driving

If you are here trying to get tips on driving you are surely either on a very wrong page or else a very correct page.


First a few personal updates.
1. I have shifted to Bangalore
2. I am working with Dell now
3. I am putting up with 2 very close friends or Joydevians
4. I am sorry for not writing for some time << as though any 1 cares >>
5. I am also sorry for not being able to let all my friends updates. If you don’t have my current number then please sms @ my Hyderabad #

Now that i have rambled enuf let me get to the topic

Hyderabad had given me a fair share of experience of driving.[{[previous blog at Hurdles on road ]}]

In Bangalore i have a pretty interesting experience till now
Take 1
My office is right at the beginning of a long stretch of road. Since a U turn would be a long journey the auto-walls charge a premium. A colleague of mine narrated how she would fight with the auto-walls. Inspired i have taken a similar stance. One day leaving early & looking for an auto i realize i can cross the road & by-pass the premium. When i crossed over after a bit of patient waiting & got an empty auto. I was surprised that it was the same auto-walla who had asked for the premium right at the gate. He still claimed the premium. When i asked why. He responded "ghum ke to aaya na"

Take 2
Ok another auto-walla.
Imagine the scene. A heavily populated road just before a junction. I am on the footpath looking for an auto. A auto crawls to a stop in front of you. As soon as i looked at the autowalla all my anger (for crawling at a slow speed & playing loud music) evaporated. He was huge & was attired just like Rajnikant. He put off the music & nodded his head to ask where. I said Dell office & he nodded at me to get in. Started his engine & while i was wondering if i should get in he quoted a price which was neither the right price nor much dearer than it. I agreed & directed him to drive faster. I reached office in 5 mins where in the traffic it takes over 10 mins. On-route the Rajnikant auto-walla honked out a scorpio. I am a die heart Rajnikant fan now.

Take 3
Another colleague was a rally car driver. Currently he has sobered down but drives pretty fast. In his swift he hits 100 when he shift into 4th gear. After that i felt not putting on the seat-belt was definitely a mistake

Take 4
My apartment mate loves machines. He has been riding around his bike for some time. Pillion riding with him i got the best advice ever. His point is simple. No one hits from behind. So take off your rear-view mirrors.


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